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Microsoft Added a Buy Now, Pay Later Option to its Edge Browser, and Users aren’t Happy with It

Microsoft Adds Zip Buy Now Pay Later to Edge Browser

Microsoft has integrated Zip’s buy now, pay later tool into its Edge web browser, and it’s not being received with enthusiasm by its users…

Microsoft is tacking on a “buy now, pay later” extension to its Edge browser. It prompts people to use the short-term financing service called Zip (formerly known as QuadPay) when making a purchase through the browser. These types of options are popping up everywhere now and Microsoft is one of the latest to get in on the trend. But, Edge users aren’t exactly thrilled with the addition.

Microsoft Adds Zip Buy Now Pay Later to Edge Browser

Like many other BNPL services, Zip breaks down the purchase price into four equal installment payments over six weeks. It works with purchases ranging between $35 and $1,000 and there’s no interest charged. Instead, Zip adds a fee of $4 total or $1 per installment payment. So, regardless of how much the purchase costs, if it’s between $35 and $1,000, users will pay $4.

But, not everyone is happy with the new feature. For instance, it automatically applies to all merchants. On a Microsoft support page, the company indicates that merchants will actually have to contact Microsoft if they don’t want customers using the service. Consumers are also voicing their displeasure with the addition. 

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