January 17, 2022
Microsoft and Google Form Progressive Web App Build Partnership

Microsoft and Google Team Up to Offer More Progressive Web Apps on the Play Store

Tech giants Microsoft and Google have come together to develop more progressive web apps for Android to add to the Play Store…

Microsoft is going beyond its usual support for Android native apps and devices. Now, the software maker is teaming up with Google to bring more PWAs or progressive web apps to the Play Store. The two innovative corporations will use Microsoft’s PWABuilder tool, along with Google’s Bubblewrap utility and library. This will result in more PWAs and better user experiences.

Microsoft and Google Form Progressive Web App Build Partnership

PWAs or progressive web apps are currently considered the future of mobile (and web) applications. They don’t require download, like native apps. Use less storage space, which results in improved battery life. Also, PWA developers don’t have to build two versions: Android and iOS.

Combined, they’ll take advantage of new features. These include, but are not limited to: a new standard for web shortcuts, “deeper” push notifications, as well as visual customizations. These will offer improved functionality while benefiting devices with less resource requirement burdens.

Although this is probably good news for consumers, it will likely take some time before the public enjoys the new feature benefits. But, because of such cooperation, there’s more chance for even more innovation.

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