May 1, 2021
Windows phones

Microsoft Recommends People Buy Android or iOS Devices as Windows Phones Come to an Official End

Windows phones are officially dead, as support will come to an end, Microsoft says and the software company recommends switching to Android or iOS…

Microsoft states it’s ending support for Windows 10 Mobile, as it will stop releasing security and software updates on December 10th. Technical support, will also cease on the same day. So, the software corporation recommends users switch to Android or over to iOS.

Microsoft Announces Official End of Windows Phones, Tells Consumers to Switch to Android or iOS

Windows phone owners will still have the ability to create mobile backups for settings, along with some apps. That is, until March 10, 2020, when that too, dies. Other services, such as photo uploads and backup restorations might still work up to a year after the formal end this December.

This news comes as no surprise. Microsoft hasn’t exactly hidden the fact it’s giving up on the mobile phone market. In fact, the last update rolled out in October of 2017, version 1709.

However, the devices themselves will still function. Although, there won’t be any support for the handhelds after December of this year. Microsoft has already pivoted to building apps and services for Android and iOS devices.

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