November 4, 2022
Microsoft Chromium-based Edge browser

Microsoft is Starting to Push Out its Chromium-Powered Web Browser Today

Software behemoth Microsoft is looking to take more market share in the web browser industry, with its release of its Chromium-backed Edge…

Today, Microsoft is making its new Chromium-based Edge web browser available for Windows 10 users, as it previously announced. It supports Chrome extensions, user profiles, and claims a faster browsing experience. But, it comes with a substantial consumer obligation.

Microsoft Chromium-Based Edge Web Browser goes Live Today

Microsoft is releasing its Chromium-powered Edge web browser today, intending to increase its market share. However, there’s one stipulation that end-users might not like — everyone using it must eventually switch over to the new platform. (Only enterprise Business subscribers will have the option to block the change-over.)

The new version will include sync support for passwords, history, favorites, and settings across Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Additionally, the browser will feature the company’s new built-in tracking protection.

It likewise contains some new business tools, including searches for co-workers, office locations, floor plans, along with company acronyms.

But, it’s going up against unfavorable odds. Right now, Edge claims a mere 2.3 percent of market share. Meanwhile, Chrome dominates the space with 63.22 percent, Safari comes in second with 15.76 percent, and Firefox third with 4.6 percent, according to

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