November 26, 2021
Microsoft Chromium Edge browser reads websites aloud

Trouble Reading a Website? The Chromium-Powered Microsoft Edge Browser will Read it Aloud

The new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser includes a handy tool, which can read website content out load to people…

The latest canary and developer builds of the Edge browser has a nifty feature — it can read websites aloud. The new web portal by the software giant is backed by Chromium tech and will ostensibly replace the legacy browser. 

Microsoft Chromium Edge Browser Now Read Websites Aloud

The Microsoft Chromium Edge browser read aloud option isn’t overtly fake-sounding. Instead, it actually sports human-like voices. That’s right “voices” with an “s” because there are different one to choose from. 

All that’s needed is a reliable internet connection, the latest canary or developer build of the web portal, and a mouse. Just select a section of text on the screen, right click, and scroll to “read aloud selection.”

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