October 1, 2022
Microsoft Chromium browser

Microsoft Finally Calls it Quits, Gives Up on Edge, will Integrate Chrome into its Next Default Windows 10 Web Browser

A Microsoft Chromium browser will replace Edge as the software giant abandons its own technology in favor of a competitor’s…

Once a dominant market force for the web, Microsoft has committed a number of missteps in the space. The Redmond-based corporation debuted its Edge browser three years ago.

It arrived with a fresh new look to replace IE. But, underlying issues with EdgeHTML, the code which powers it, continue to mount. So, Microsoft will reportedly give up and adapt Chromium to build its next browser.

Microsoft Chromium Edge Browser Replacement Announcement Coming

As soon as this week, Microsoft is expected to announce the change, in an effort to improve web compatibility with it Windows product. It comes at a time when several issues plague the roll out of the last OS iteration. News reports widely circulated customer complaints of the operating system wiping out entire files.

Meanwhile, Google Chrome continues to dominate market share, boasting 63.6 percent. This, compared to IE’s 11.19 percent and Edge’s paltry 4.34 percent. (Firefox currently claims 10 percent market share, while Safari comes in with 3.82 percent.)

It’s not only the public, though. Developers have largely turned to Chromium as the favorite rendering engine for site optimization. Additionally, Google has likewise built a number of Chrome-only web services which have widely caught-on with developers.

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