October 20, 2021
Microsoft Chromium-powered Internet Explore mode for Edge

Microsoft is Letting Enterprise Users Test the New Internet Explorer Mode for Edge

Microsoft continues to expand its tests for its new Chromium-backed web browser, extending it to companies for more experimentation…

In December of last year, news hit a new Microsoft Chromium browser would replace Edge as the software giant abandoned its own technology in favor of its competitor. Then, in April, Microsoft released a Canary version for developers to play around with. Now, Microsoft is opening up the new browser to enterprise users.

Microsoft Chromium-Powered Internet Explore Mode for Edge Test goes Live

With the access, if company employees need to visit a legacy site with IE 11, it should automatically adapt. Plus, IT managers can create a site list which also automatically switches over to the legacy mode.

“The Dev Channel now has enterprise features enabled by default and is ready for evaluation and supported by detailed deployment and configuration documentation. We are also offering full support for deployment in pilot and production environments through our commercial support channels.”

The latest release also includes other features, such as group policy support, tighter security measures, and “enterprise grade” PDF viewing.

Additionally, over the coming weeks, Microsoft will roll out integrated people search, a business-centric new tab page, which includes Office 365 links. Moreover, secure data syncing and improved security protocols are part of the build.

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