November 5, 2022
Microsoft Contractors Listening to Skype Calls and Cortana Recordings

Human Contractors for Microsoft are Listening to Certain Skype Calls and Cortana Recordings

Microsoft contractors are listening to select Cortana recordings and Skype calls, a practice which caused Apple and Google to suspend their programs…

Human contractors working for Microsoft are manually reviewing voice recordings from Skype and Cortana, Motherboard reports.

Microsoft Contractors Listening to Skype Calls and Cortana Recordings

Audio recordings shared with the publication include intimate conversations, personal relationship discussions, and more. One unnamed contractor claims to have heard “phone sex,” users speaking their full home addresses, and commands to search for pornography.

However, there is not user-identifier information. Meaning contractors can’t tell who it is they are listening to in the recordings. The reason for this practice is to help improve the functionality of the technology. 

This comes just days after Apple and Google suspended similar programs.

A statement from Microsoft explains the company tries “to be transparent about our collection and use of voice data to ensure customers can make informed choices about when and how their voice data is used. Microsoft gets customers’ permission before collecting and using their voice data.”

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