January 12, 2022
Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft Cortana Keeps Disappearing from Devices and Platforms

Microsoft keeps removing Cortana, its digital assistant, from various products and platforms, perhaps signaling its ultimate end…

Microsoft has removed Cortana, its virtual assistant, from the XBox One. This follows the same action, which happened a few months ago, when the software corporation pulled it from the Windows Search Bar.

Microsoft Cortana Removed from XBox One after being Pulled from the Windows Search Bar

Cortana first debuted on Windows phones. It then popped up on Windows 10, followed by iOS and Android. The Windows Phone died in July of 2017.

Then, earlier this year, Microsoft removed Cortana from Windows 10. (Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also revealed earlier this year, the organization no longer sees Cortana as a competitor to the likes of Google Assistant, Alexa, and others.) Now, it’s being turned into an app.

Even more telling is the fact it was conspicuous by its absence in the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, where it was nowhere around.

Where it goes from here remains to be seen. But on its present course, it appears Microsoft is regulating it to the background. However, it’s unlikely consumers will use it in the same way as its competitors in the future, as those perform much better.

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