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Microsoft is Building a Windows Lite Version to Run on Dual-Screen and Chromebook-Like Devices

Windows Lite

Windows Lite will run on different devices, including dual-screens and Chromebook clones, with a stripped down version of the familiar OS…

Software corporation Microsoft is creating a new, lightweight version of its ubiquitous operating systems. Reportedly, it will be compatible with dual-screen devices, as well as Chromebook competitors.

Microsoft Developing Windows Lite to Run on Dual-Screen Devices and Chromebook Competitors

The new Windows Lite will bring with it many of the many familiar features in the full version. Currently, there’s a lot of experimentation going on, so there’s no way to tell what the ultimate release will look like.

This is likely a strategy to go up against rival Google, which is beginning to take more and more market share in the OS space. Although Microsoft dominates the enterprise market, Chromebooks are increasingly representing a larger share in education.

Several schools around the U.S. have switched over to Chromebooks because of their simplicity, familiarity, and security. (Not to mention, much more affordable prices.)

Rumors suggest Microsoft will deliver something like its Surface Hub shell and/or a take off on its Windows Phone Continuum user interface.

Overall, it seems like Microsoft is making a play to retain its major role in the OS market, going with evolving trends rather than attempting to force a longer run of its legacy products.

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