October 23, 2021
Microsoft Edge AdBlock Combination Breaks YouTube Video Playback

Using the Edge Browser with This Extension will Break YouTube (and Microsoft Knows It)

People using Microsoft’s Edge browser — along with an ad-blocking extension — have discovered it prevents YouTube video playback…

There’s a problem with playing YouTube videos on the new Microsoft Chromium-powered Edge browser. That is, if there’s one of two extensions installed and running. The combination of the two somehow cause YouTube to break. And, it happens on every single version of Edge, including on various platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Microsoft Edge AdBlock Combination Breaks YouTube Video Playback

Apparently, if AdBlock or AdBlock Plus running through the Edge browser, YouTube videos won’t play. Why this is happening hasn’t been yet explained. But it obviously has something to do with the software interface. Although, Microsoft does have a fix for the problem — disable AdBlock or AdBlock Plus.

While this isn’t an ideal solution, it does prevent the issue from breaking YouTube. So, it’s not possible to enjoy a more ad-free experience. Microsoft acknowledged the problem in a support post, writing the following about the issue with the combination:

“We’ve heard that a number of users who have the AdBlock (Plus) or Adblock for Youtube extensions installed are running into errors on YouTube videos. If you’re experiencing this bug, you will likely encounter a black screen on the video player when attempting to load a video on YouTube.”

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