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It’s Now Possible to Set Microsoft Edge and Outlook as Default Providers on iOS

Microsoft Edge and Outlook Gain Default Support on iOS

Credit: Matridox

Apple mobile device owners can now set both Microsoft Outlook and the Edge browser to their default choices, with the release of iOS 14…

The release of iOS 14 means new features, improvements on existing ones, and more. But it also means that it’s now possible to set third-party apps as the default web browser and email client. Microsoft definitely took notice and updated their mobile browser and email apps to coincide with the new ability on iOS 14. That means being able to set something other than Safari and Apple Mail as defaults.

Microsoft Edge and Outlook Gain Default Support on iOS

With the roll out of iOS 14, Apple mobile device owners are now able to replace Safari and Mail with other programs available in the App Store. When a compatible browser app is installed on an iPhone or iPad, iOS now displays a new “Default Browser App” within the app settings. The same holds true for third-party email clients. So, it’s also possible to use Outlook as the default email choice on iOS devices.

This means that if anyone is interested in using something other than Safari and/or Apple Mail, it’s a simple process to switch over to compatible third-party apps for at least the web browser and the email platform.

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