September 30, 2022
Microsoft Edge-Android Cross-Device Synchronization Now Available

Microsoft Brings this Super-Useful Netflix Trick to its Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge now supports cross-device synchronization between its desktop portal and mobile interface for Android…

There’s a really neat feature Netflix sports and other streaming services offer consumers. But, it’s largely absent when it comes to internet browsers. That is, the ability to go from mobile to desktop or desktop to mobile in one session seamlessly. It certainly seems like a very basic element, but the option to move between devices without missing a beat is almost exclusively found on streaming platforms — until now.

Microsoft Edge-Android Cross-Device Synchronization Now Available

Microsoft Edge now allows its users to sync open tabs between their desktop machines and mobile devices. This makes it easy to go from one to another without losing any part of a browsing session. So, when an Edge user finds something interesting during their breakfast or commute to work, there’s no need to email a link. Instead, the same tabs open on their mobile devices will instantly pop up when they turn on their work computer.

That’s not all. Microsoft has also added browsing history syncing. Which means no more hunting for something previously viewed on another device. Everything will sync together so anyone’s entire browsing history can be found, regardless if they’re using the same device or not.

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