June 22, 2022
Microsoft Edge Browser Crashed when Google was Set to Default Search

Microsoft Edge Browser Users Experienced Series of Crashes when Using Google Search but the Reason Why isn’t Known

Edge browser users suffered from repeated crashes when using Google as their default search option and it’s still unknown why it happened…

For some reason or another, Microsoft’s new Edge browser was randomly crashing last week when users started to type into the address bar. From what’s known, the issue was attributable to having Google set as the default search engine. Microsoft looked into the problem and thinks it’s been permanently fixed.

Microsoft Edge Browser Crashed when Google was Set to Default Search

The crashes began happening about 7PM EST, affecting macOS and Windows. About four hours later, Microsoft resolved the issue, although it’s still unknown as to why it was limited to Edge users searching through Google. If affected users temporarily switched over to Bing, there were no more crashes.

Another oddity is the fact that Edge is literally built on Google’s Chromium technology. Before fixing the problem, Microsoft recommended turning off Search Suggestions in edge://settings/search as a temporary workaround.

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