November 5, 2022
Microsoft Edge Browser Share Dips from March to April 2021

Microsoft Edge’s Impressive Browser Market Share Performance might have already Plateaued

Microsoft Edge steadily climbed in market share over the past months, threatening to replace Firefox as the third most popular browser…

Microsoft Edge has enjoyed an impressive rise in its popularity in recent months. It even was ostensibly on a trajectory to surpass Firefox to make it third in market share, behind first place Google Chrome and second place Safari. However, in just a month’s time, that trend appears to have come to an abrupt end as Microsoft’s new Edge browser actually lost traction from from 3.45% in March to 3.39% in April.

Microsoft Edge Browser Share Dips from March to April 2021

Since it’s launch late last year, Microsoft Edge has seen a quite a bit of growth. In fact, it was thought to be on track to displace Firefox, pushing the Mozilla browser down to fourth position. This, after Firefox lost some of its popularity with internet users over the past twelve months, falling to 3.95% market share. During the same time, Microsoft retired both its Internet Explorer and Edge legacy browsers, given it’s recently rebuilt, Chromium-powered Edge web portal a substantial boost.

In the latest data compiled by stat counter, it now seems that those dynamics only bolstered Edge temporarily. While Firefox suffered a slow but steady decline over the past year, Edge incrementally crept up, but it appears that was due to Firefox’s losses and the deprecation of IE and Edge legacy. As a result, the new Microsoft Edge has tentatively plateaued, at least for the time being. 

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