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Microsoft is Copying One of Google Chrome’s Most Useful but Little-Known Features

Microsoft Edge Copies Google Chrome's Scroll to Text Fragment Feature

Credit: Bleeping Computer

Microsoft is building a new tool for its Edge browser that’s already found in Google Chrome and will help people more easily share information…

Ever wish it was possible to send a link to someone else that takes them right to specific lines of text? For instance, the pertinent part of a news article or the specifications of a piece of gear? Well, that option is already available in Google Chrome and now, the same feature is coming to Microsoft Edge. Being that Edge is now powered by Chromium tech, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Microsoft Edge Copies Google Chrome’s Scroll to Text Fragment Feature

Microsoft is currently building out the browser tool, taking a feature Google created for Chrome. Google calls it “Scroll to Text Fragment,” and even offers an extension called “Link to Text Fragment.” Sure, the names aren’t exactly the best, but do help to convey what the features actually do for users. In a future release of Edge, the same option will be available. Edge users will have the power to highlight a section of text and create a link that will take others right to those specific lines.

Right now, this is an experimental feature that’s only available in the Edge Canary build. Plus, it requires enabling a flag in order for the tool to work. But, it should make its way to wide, stable release in the not-too-distant future.

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