January 13, 2022
Microsoft Edge Extension Syncing Debuts in Latest Stable Release

Microsoft Edge can Now Sync Users’ Extensions in the Most Recent Stable Build

Microsoft has integrated a new extension syncing tool into its Edge browser, which is already live and working in the most recent release…

Software giant Microsoft is pushing its revamped, Chromium-powered Edge internet browser. In fact, so much, it made its way into second place in market share back in April of this year. Recently, the company added a new sidebar search feature and integrated Pinterest. But, that’s not all. The software maker is out with a litany of new tweaks and additions to Edge — including a new extension-syncing tool.

Microsoft Edge Extension Syncing Debuts in Latest Stable Release

As part of the most recent release, build 83.0.478.37, there’s now an active extension-syncing feature. So, users no longer have to manually re-install extensions one-by-one when setting up or resetting every new device.

Microsoft teased the new addition early last week, but now it’s out a ready for use. It comes with a whole host of feature updates and new additions for the browser. Microsoft writes in it release notes for its Edge browser:

“Extension sync is now available. You can now sync your extensions across all your devices! Extensions from both the Microsoft and Chrome Stores will sync with Microsoft Edge. To use this feature: Click the ellipses (…) on the menu bar, select Settings. Under Your profile, click Sync to see the Sync options. Under Profiles/Sync use the toggle to enable Extensions. You can use the SyncTypesListDisabled group policy to disable syncing of extensions.”

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