November 3, 2022
Microsoft Edge Gains Browser Market Share Over Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge Grows its User Base, while Mozilla’s Firefox Browser Usage Apparently Shrinks

Microsoft Edge is taking more browser market share while other web portals are losing or remaining with very limited adoption, new stats show…

The Microsoft software corporation has put a lot of time and effort into rebuilding its Edge browser, going so far as to base it on Chromium power. (The company is even retiring its legacy Internet Explorer product.) Now, it appears all that is paying off, according to the most recent numbers compiled by StatCounter, which shows Edge taking third place in browser market share behind Chrome and Safari.

Microsoft Edge Gains Browser Market Share Over Mozilla Firefox

The latest figures reveal Chrome remains, by far, the most popular choice among consumers, with just over 67% of browser market share. Meanwhile, Safari takes a distant second place with a bit more than 10% and Edge coming close behind with a little over 8% in global count. Firefox now holds the fourth spot, with 7.97% and Opera takes fifth place with 2.61% and Internet Explorer last in sixth place with 1.71% market share.

So, it appears Microsoft is taking market share from Mozilla to overtake the third spot. If this trend continues, Edge could replace Safari but would still have a very long way to go to compete for the top spot.

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