September 30, 2022
Microsoft Edge Gains more Browser Market Share but Google Chrome Still Dominates

Microsoft Edge Gains a Larger Market Share but Google Chrome Continues to Dominate

Microsoft Edge, now powered by Chromium technology, is gaining increased market share in the browser wars, but still falls far short of Chrome…

Nearly eleven months ago, Microsoft released its rebuilt Chromium-powered Edge browser. Within just four months, Edge took second place in market share behind Google’s Chrome. At the time, Edge claimed 7.6 percent. That was just enough to push Firefox down to third place, which had 7.2 percent at the time. Now, Microsoft Edge has managed to gain even more browser market share.

Microsoft Edge Gains more Browser Market Share but Google Chrome Still Dominates

What’s more remarkable is the fact that Edge’s new percentage of market share is coming directly from Chrome’s. Currently, Edge is pulling 10.22 percent, an increase of 3 percent over the past several months. Meanwhile, Google’s Chrome dropped in the same period by 2 percent, falling to 69.25 percent. Firefox remains third with 7.22 percent, and Internet Explorer — which is being retired — takes fourth with 5.38 percent.

During the same time-frame, Opera, Firefox, and Safari also lost small bits of market share. This can at least partially be due to the fact the Microsoft has made Edge the default browser in Windows. With literally millions upon millions of people using Windows, that will most definitely help Microsoft to gain larger market share going into the future.

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