September 23, 2022
Microsoft Edge In-Browser Instant Video Calls Rolling Out

Microsoft Edge Tries to Gain an Edge Over Google Chrome with This Super-Smart Feature

Microsoft has added a few new nifty features to its newly-powered Chromium web browser that are rolling out throughout this month…

Microsoft’s fairly recent adoption of Chromium to back its Edge browser was indeed a smart move. Although, it’s not catapulted the portal to the top. In fact, Google Chrome continues its rein at the top, with approximately 68 percent of market share. However, Microsoft is incrementally improving its browser. Now, the software giant is starting to release some new features.

Microsoft Edge In-Browser Instant Video Calls Rolling Out

With the improvements comes a new built-in instant video call option. Consumers can easily find something similar in Chrome and Firefox, but both require third-party extensions or plugins. Conversely, Microsoft has added an instant video conferencing tool right into its browser. What’s more, it will be readily accessible once available, right in the main interface. Meet Now, the video-calling feature, can accommodate up to 50 participants, simply by creating a link when opening the new tab page. 

It comes at a time when it’s most appropriate. Microsoft itself is allowing its employees to work from home permanently. At the beginning of the year, this would seem like an unneeded (and somewhat weird) addition. But, it’s right for the current set of circumstances.

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