November 5, 2022
Microsoft Edge is Blocking Firefox Installations over Ostensible Device Harm

Microsoft is Preventing Edge Users from Installing Firefox over Potential Harm to their Devices

Microsoft Edge is apparently stopping Edge browser users from installing competitor Firefox, citing doing so might cause harm to devices…

Microsoft Edge seems like it really has hit a plateau in browser market share. The web portal previously enjoyed an impressive rise in its popularity in recent months. It even was ostensibly on a trajectory to surpass Firefox to make it third in market share, behind first place Google Chrome and second place Safari. However, in only a month’s time, its upward trajectory came to an abrupt end when it actually lost traction from from 3.45% in March to 3.39% in April. But, that’s not all that is happening in the browser industry. Recently, Techdows spotted another strategy to get ahead in market share.

Microsoft Edge is Blocking Firefox Installations over Ostensible Device Harm

The site reported several users encountering a pop-up alert warning Firefox might be harmful to PCs. “Firefox Installer.exe was blocked because it could harm your device.” People who attempted to click through only saw more details but no download ever surfaced. Techdows reports that all versions of Firefox are prevented from installation on Windows, including release, beta, dev, and nightly.

Although, some consumers were able to get Firefox to download by disabling the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen tool. Of course, turning off SmartScreen could cause devices to be vulnerable to attack.

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