July 28, 2021
Microsoft Edge mobile browser AdBlock Plus

It Looks like Microsoft is Testing AdBlock Plus for the Edge Mobile Browser

A Microsoft Edge mobile browser AdBlock Plus test is currently underway for both Android and iOS, according to recent news reports…

While Google dominates search with its proprietary tool and takes second place with YouTube search, Microsoft continues to tweak its own browser experience. Apparently, the software giant is in the midst of testing a new option to improve UX. The company has added AdBlock Plus to its beta version of the Edge mobile browser for Android and iOS, according to The Verge.

Microsoft Edge Mobile Browser AdBlock Plus Test Spotted

Although AdBlock Plus is now part of the beta releases for Android and iOS, the former program is presently closed to new users. However, it’s still possible to download it from Google Play as it might yet make it to the final, stable release.

AdBlock Plus is built right in, so users are easily able to toggle it on through the Microsoft Edge settings panel. (Meaning, there’s no extra download, add-ons, or plugins.)

What’s most notable about this is it’s the most aggressive form of ad blocking in a browser. While Google Chrome does block the most annoying ads, it doesn’t filter all of them out.

It’s interesting considering the fact that both Google and Microsoft pull in millions from selling ads. Albeit those campaigns must comply with strict standards. This is a great step forward in making web browsing a more friendly user experience.