October 1, 2022
Microsoft Edge Password Generator under Development

Microsoft Edge Won’t Let Users Get Away with Weak Passwords in the Near Future

Microsoft is apparently tired of people relying on redundant, weak passwords, so it’s building a password generator into its Edge browser…

Pretty much everyone knows that it’s not in their best interest to keep reusing passwords or to settle for weak ones. But, it’s really hard to create truly unique and strong login credentials. That’s why so many people rely on password generators. However, that requires opening a new tab and a bunch of copying and pasting into a password manager or a note keeper. Google has definitely figured this out, which is why Chrome has a built-in password generator. Now, Microsoft is adding something similar to Edge.

Microsoft Edge Password Generator under Development

The most recent Canary/Dev builds of the Edge browser contain built-in password generators. Moreover, it works much like the one found in Google Chrome. It’s aptly named “Suggest strong passwords” in Settings. For those running this early release, just open Edge and go to Settings > Profiles > Passwords. Then, enable the feature and it will create a password in the appropriate field when one pops up.

Presumably, Microsoft will also add a password manager, like Chrome offers (passwords.google.com). This is where Chrome users can not only see all their saved passwords, but modify and/or delete them, as well. 

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