October 1, 2022
Microsoft Edge Resource Conservation Tool Now in Beta Testing

Microsoft is About to Lessen the Burden Edge Takes on Users’ Computers’ Processing Power

Microsoft is about to deliver a better browsing experience in Microsoft Edge with a new tool that reduces system resources significantly…

If there’s one constant complaint about desktop web browsers, it’s that they take up way to many system resources. Chrome is a big offender when it comes to this. But, others certainly aren’t exactly giving consumers the most streamlined experience, either. Google has made some strides by cleaning up Chrome’s needs. And now, Microsoft is doing the same with its newly redesigned Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge Resource Conservation Tool Now in Beta Testing

The most recent beat build of Microsoft Edge will allow users to put inactive tabs to sleep. This will save memory and CPU resources. Microsoft first introduced the tool in the Developer channel back in September. Now, after a few months of testing, it’s been pushed into beta release to work out any bugs before it goes into stable, wide release, sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Microsoft claims the new feature will cut down memory usage by as much as 32% on average. Plus, will decrease the tax on the browser’s CPU usage by approximately 37% in most cases. Those are significant savings, resulting in a speedier and more responsive experience for end users.

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