May 20, 2022
Microsoft Edge Starts Showing Ads on its New Tab Page

Microsoft has Found a New Place to Cram Ads on its Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge now displays ads on its new tab page, pushing the company’s own products and services, as it usually does…

Microsoft is now leveraging yet another proprietary space to show advertisements. This time, instead of stuffing them into the Windows Start Menu (like it previously did before), the promoted content is appearing on the New Tab page in the Edge browser. This, according to a recent report by Windows Latest. Of course, the ads are for Microsoft’s products and services, such as Microsoft Start — a rebranded MSN feed that provides users with “personalized trusted news, plus games, weather and more – all in one app.”

Microsoft Edge Starts Showing Ads on its New Tab Page

Microsoft is currently experimenting with displaying ads and recommendations when Edge users open the New Tab page within the browser. Fortunately, this annoyance isn’t inescapable. But, it does require a tiny bit of manual manipulation to make the ads disappear. Users can dismiss the adverts by clicking on the “Maybe later” button. Of course, this action must be repeated every time a new tab is opened where said ads show up.

Moreover, Microsoft is also using its new Assistance from Edge to collect search results from users in an effort to improve its Bing search engine. Although the data collected is anonymized, there’s no clear way to opt-out.

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