October 1, 2022
Microsoft Edge Version 92 Auto-Play Media Disabling Tool Debuts

Microsoft Edge is Attempting to Rid the Internet of One of its Most Annoying Things about being Online

Microsoft Edge is about to give its browser users the ability to prevent media from auto-playing, with a new option, starting with version 92…

Microsoft Edge is leading yet another charge to rid the web of one of its most aggravating aspects — auto-play media. There’s little more frustrating than having to track down which tab is blasting audio and/or video when online. So, there’s a new tool in version 92 of Edge which gives users the power to prevent media from running automatically, according to a new entry in the Microsoft 365 roadmap.

Microsoft Edge Debuts an Auto-Play Media Disabling Tool in Version 92

The new Microsoft Edge auto-play media disabling tool is rolling out now, which will complete before the end of July 2021. Anyone running Microsoft Edge beta will see the option first, then everyone as the wider roll out continues. Currently, there are two media settings in Edge, “Allow,” and “Limit.” The default will change from the former to the latter, meaning users will have to toggle it back to enable auto-play.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because Google has already built the same tech into its Chrome browser. Preventing auto-play media has been around for some time in Chrome, but Edge is joining the fight against this irritating element.

“To help you maintain your focus online, we have changed the default for auto playing media to Limit from Allow, beginning with Microsoft Edge version 92.” 

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