July 4, 2022
Microsoft Edge Web Browsing Quick History Search Tool to Debut Soon

Microsoft is Bringing a Quick Browsing History Search to Edge

Microsoft is trialing a new option in its Canary build that allows Edge browser users to search through their session history quickly…

An early access version of Microsoft Edge reveals there’s a new tool possibly coming to stable, wide release. It’s a very small change but one that could be quite helpful to many people. The latest Canary iteration contains the most recent experimental features (per usual). However, a good number of these never make it past the initial test phase and therefore, aren’t included in future builds. If this particular option sticks around, it could change a key sticking point.

Microsoft Edge Web Browsing Quick History Search Tool to Debut Soon

Right now, in order to search previously opened tabs, users must go through a few steps. The current version requires navigating through to another search menu that resides within the history tab. But, with the new tool, it’s possible to skip right to what’s being sought out simply typing the name of a website or URL. In other words, targeted search queries will bring up past open tabs instantly.

Although it’s a tiny change, the addition of a quick access history search tool is one that will certainly improve the Edge experience. But, Microsoft will still have to do more in order to capture additional browser market share. Presently, Google retains the top spot with approximately 63.63% for Chrome, Edge trails with just 3.24%, only beating out Opera’s 2.16% fifth place, and occupying fourth behind Safari’s 19.37%, Firefox’s 3.65%, and Samsung’s 3.49% third place.

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