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Microsoft Edge Hits a Wall After Surpassing Firefox in Browser Market Share

Microsoft Edge's Browser Market Share Stagnates

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft’s Edge browser appears to have lost momentum in market share after displacing Firefox as the second most popular choice…

Microsoft’s plans to consolidate its browser offering and concentrate on Edge seemed to pay off when it took second place and pushed Firefox down to third. But, the latest figures don’t bode well for Edge’s future. While the Microsoft browser has made notable gains, it still remains far behind its biggest competitor, Google Chrome. What’s more, it doesn’t look like Edge is continuing to grow its popularity.

Microsoft Edge’s Browser Market Share Stagnates

Recently updated statistics reveal Edge has either lost or failed to gain market share among browsers in the last four to six months. According to Statcounter, Microsoft’s flagship browser now holds about 4.07% market share, while Firefox has 3.41% and Samsung Internet and Opera claim 2.84% and 2.07%, respectively. Safari is the second-most popular, with 19.13%, and Chrome continues to dominate with 64.36% market share.

While Edge did grow impressively in its first year after its relaunch in January of 2020, the newly rebuild Chromium-based, it’s not demonstrated any real upward progress. In fact, it now appears Edge’s browser market share is stagnating — despite key improvements and the outright retirement of Internet Explorer. This could be due to the fact that Microsoft’s strong-arm tactics to get users to switch have backfired.

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