December 9, 2021

Attack Ads Against Google Ending

scroogled campaign endingRedmond, Washington–The Microsoft Corporation is wrapping-up its advertising assault against Google. The media blitz, which includes banner ads, television commercials and newspaper ads is coming to a close, according to Bing Search Director Stefan Weitz, who said in an interview with KQED the explosive offensive was “about finished”.

Microsoft began the press against Google Shopping in November of 2012, when the search engine giant ran a disclosure about its shopping search results. The disclosure revealed that Google would switch its shopping search returns to a paid model, meaning advertisers had to pay to be at the top. Bing saw an opportunity and quickly pieced together a very powerful operation to spread the word to the public that Google’s shopping queries weren’t delivering the best results.

“The Scroogled campaign has sparked a dialogue that shows how much consumers care about their privacy, and how strongly they feel about the fact that Google goes through their personal emails to sell ads. More than 3.5 million people visited, and over 114k signed a petition asking Google to stop going through their Gmail. While the ad portion of this phase of the consumer education campaign has finished its scheduled run, this important conversation about privacy continues, and so does this important consumer choice,” a Microsoft spokesperson wrote in a statement to Search Engine Watch.

The ads did succeed in one aspect, garnering about 110,000 consumer signatures on Microsoft’s Care 2 Petition site, which had set an initial goal of just 25,000.

Google’s comScore rose in the latest tally from 66.7 percent of all internet searches to 67 percent. Bing also made gains, rising 0.3 percent up to 16.5 percent, but experts note that increase is at least in part due to market share being lost by struggling search portals such as Ask and Yahoo!

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