November 28, 2021
Microsoft Ending Support for its Legacy Edge Browser on Some Windows 10 Systems

Microsoft is About to Kill Off this Version of Edge on Some Windows 10 Systems

Microsoft will end its support for its legacy Edge browser that was replaced by the Chromium-powered redesign, on some Windows 10 devices…

It’s certainly no secret that Microsoft is planning to move on from its legacy version of the Edge browser. When the software giant completely rebuilt the web portal using Chromium tech and relaunched the improved experience, it was only a matter of time before the traditional platform would come to an ultimate end. Apparently, that time is tentatively scheduled to occur later this year.

Microsoft Ending Support for its Legacy Edge Browser on Some Windows 10 Systems

The news comes courtesy of a new language pack included with Windows 10 21H2 preview build, which does not include integration for the old version of Edge. That’s a not-so-subtle sign Microsoft is planning to drop support for it in the coming months. The most probable time-frame is this fall, when Windows 10 will receive its big 2021 update. With the roll out, it seems the legacy browser won’t be a part of the package.

However, this isn’t the ultimate demise of the old web portal because Microsoft isn’t likely to remove EdgeHTML engine integration anytime soon. In fact, the company extended support until August 17, 2021. Although, the same is not true for Internet Explorer, which the software corporation is actively sun-setting.

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