May 20, 2022
Microsoft Essentially Copies Chrome OS Windows 10X Leak Strongly Suggests

Windows 10X Leak Reveals Microsoft’s Attempt to Clone Chrome OS

A recent leak of Windows 10X shows that Microsoft is on a new mission to put out its own version of rival Google’s Chrome OS…

For most of its existence, Chrome OS was mocked by the tech community. That is, until that past couple of years. Now that it’s becoming the choice for school districts, consumers, and gaining mainstream acceptance. Though Chrome OS still has a ways to go to truly rival the extensive functionality of Windows and Mac, it packs enough to carve out a substantial market share. Apparently, it’s become popular enough to worry the folks over at Microsoft, because a leaked version of Windows 10X seems to mimic Chrome OS.

Microsoft Essentially Copies Chrome OS Windows 10X Leak Strongly Suggests

According to Paul Thurott — who has been testing a leaked version of Windows 10X — Microsoft is attempting to copy the Chrome OS experience. Meaning, Microsoft does not seem to be pursuing its previously stated goal of developing a dual-screen OS. Instead, the software giant is putting its efforts on the traditional single-screen experience. Thurott’s testing of Windows 10X reveals a mimicking of Chrome OS.

Rather than stick with the usual Windows UI, Microsoft is reducing its operating system’s footprint with a clean desktop, centered taskbar icons, a simplified setup process, and a Start menu filling the entire screen. Basically, it’s a replication of Chrome OS but with the Windows OS. Whether or not it will stay this way remains to be seen in the near future.

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