August 5, 2022
Microsoft Finally Fixes its YouTube Freezing Issues on YouTube

Microsoft has Found a Fix for YouTube Videos Freezing on its Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge has long experienced issues with YouTube video playback and now those problems have ostensibly been fixed in the browser…

Microsoft Edge should now play YouTube videos without stuttering or freezing after the software company issued a fix for its browser playback. Although Microsoft completely rebuilt its legacy Edge browser on Chromium, it did bring over a significant amount of its own technology. (This is why YouTube videos were experiencing problems on Edge but not on Google Chrome.)

Microsoft Finally Fixes its YouTube Freezing Issues on YouTube

The issues have been most prevalent over the past month, with YouTube being the only video hosting platform affected. So, no such issues appeared on other sites, like Vimeo, Netflix, and others. Apparently, the problem would cause the whole browser to freeze as soon a YouTube video would start to play. Or, when viewers changed to a full screen view, according to a Reddit post.

In order to fix the issue, don’t update to version 90.0.818.62, it doesn’t fix the YouTube video playback problem. Instead, a representative from the Edge team recommends updating to the Canary channel or the pre-release version of the browser from Microsoft’s Insider site if issues persist when trying to watch a video.

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