December 7, 2021
Microsoft Fixing Internet Explorer Security Flaw Under Active Attack

Microsoft is Fixing a Security Vulnerability in Internet Explorer that’s Under Active Attack — Next Month

Software corporation Microsoft is applying a fix to a security bug it its Internet Explorer browser, that Homeland Security warned the public about…

Recently, Mozilla the developer behind browser Firefox, was the victim of an exploit. The vulnerability and risk was serious enough to have the United States Department of Homeland Security issue a warning to its users to update their browsers immediately to avoid potential security and privacy issues.

Now, Microsoft is also at risk, with Internet Explorer being found to have a serious flaw, affecting IE9, IE10, and IE11, that would allow hackers to infiltrate and take over device owners’ systems, giving them administrator-level permissions.

Microsoft Fixing Internet Explorer Security Flaw Under Active Attack

There’s a security flaw in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser that is so serious that it too, has prompted a warning from Homeland Security.

However, this differs from the Firefox bug, which was nearly immediately fixed with an update. Instead, Microsoft says it will issue a fix when it releases its monthly security update, slated for February 11th.

Until then, Internet Explorer users will have to rely on workarounds and their own good judgment not to click on unfamiliar or suspicious links.

The good news is that the risk is substantially mitigated due to its relatively small market share. Google continues to dominate in this area, with over 67 percent. Meanwhile, Microsoft lags significantly behind at 7.42 percent with Internet Explorer.

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