September 21, 2022
Microsoft Further Integrates its Edge Browser into the Windows 10 Search Bar

Microsoft has Found Yet another Way to Coax Windows 10 Users into Searching with its Edge Browser

Microsoft continues its never-ending push to get people to use its Edge browser by integrating it deeper into the Windows 10 search bar…

Microsoft is determined to get more people switch over to its Edge web browser. Obviously, the software giant can’t really do all that much to convince people on the open internet. But, it can leverage its presence where it has its greatest influence — the Windows ecosystem. And, that’s precisely what the corporation is doing with a new test inside the latest canary build of Windows 10.

Microsoft Further Integrates its Edge Browser into the Windows 10 Search Bar

Canary version 91.0.831.0 of Windows 10 sports a new feature. That is, the Edge search capabilities integrated directly into the search bar. Now, when early experimenters type something into the Windows 10 search bar, Edge will show their bookmarks, recent tabs, and search history. Whether or not this is practical remains to be seen. Of course, this is only really useful to people who have already adopted the web portal and have active accounts. Conversely, anyone still using an alternative browser, such as Chrome, won’t really benefit from the new search tool.

If Microsoft sincerely wants to succeed using such integration tactics, the company will obviously have to convince Windows 10 users that its Edge browser is superior to the competition. Google owns a nearly consistent 64% of browser market share, while Edge claims just 3.4% currently. So, that’s going to be a difficult feat to pull off.

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