November 2, 2022
Microsoft hijacks Android tools to advertise apps

Microsoft Exploits Android’s ‘Share’ and ‘Open’ Tools to Advertise its Own Apps

Microsoft is using Android tools to advertise its own products, including the “share” and “open with” options on the mobile OS…

Software giant Microsoft might have bowed out of the mobile operating system market but that doesn’t mean it can’t leverage the tech. It just introduced Your Phone Companion app to mirror notifications on Windows 10. But, it’s doing more to make people aware of its services.

Microsoft Hijacks Android Tools to Advertise its Own Apps

Microsoft is essentially exploiting the Android share sheet to advertise its own products, including OneDrive. In other words, when an Android device owner wants to share something with someone else, they’ll see recommendations to install and use Microsoft products like Word and others.

Microsoft is doing much the same in the “open with” tool, prompting people to download its PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and other Office apps.

Sadly, none of this is new. Microsoft and others have previously taken advantage of such opportunities to advertise their products and services. Microsoft has even gone so far as to “warn” Windows 10 users not to install rival browsers Chrome or Firefox.

Currently, the tactic is only surfacing on Android Q.

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