July 3, 2022
Microsoft integrating Google services into Outlook

Microsoft Plans to Bring Gmail, Google Drive and Calendar, to Outlook for Desktop

Microsoft is apparently on-track to add Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar into Outlook for the web but it’s unknown exactly when…

Software giant Microsoft is about to integrate three popular Google services — Gmail, Drive, and Calendar — into Outlook on the web. Spotted by Florian B and posted to Twitter, it looks like a fairly simple and straightforward process.

Microsoft Integrating Gmail, Google Drive, and Calendar into Outlook on the Web

The new Microsoft integration of Gmail, Drive, and Calendar for Outlook.com is very similar to the mobile versions for Android and iOS.

Right now, the new Outlook-Google integration is not entirely operational. Functionality is very limited and buggy. So, this is likely a test. (In fact, adding a Gmail account to the platform only works for one Google profile, which is probably indicative of the real experience. Also, switching between Outlook and Google triggers a page refresh.)

Still, it seems the entire purpose is to bring over as much as possible so there’s no need to switch between Microsoft and Google programs. 

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