July 4, 2022
Microsoft Introduces Efficiency Mode in Windows 11 Build 22557

Microsoft has Some Good News for Laptop Batteries with the Next Build of Windows 11

Microsoft is about to improve its Task Manager with Windows 11, build 22557, which introduces Efficiency Mode to streamline resources…

Microsoft isn’t the only tech company that’s often criticized for releasing heavy system resource-reliant software. (Google is just as notorious for its Chrome browser — and there are plenty of other offenders.) But, the maker of Windows OS is particularly guilty of this transgression. However, it appears with its most recent version of the platform, it’s sporting a useful new feature to make it run smoother, with less demand.

Microsoft Introduces Efficiency Mode in Windows 11 Build 22557

Tucked inside the Task Manager on Windows 11, build 22557 is a new tool called “Efficiency Mode.” Ostensibly, it’s supposed to find and tame resource-hogging applications, improving overall performance, while preserving laptop battery life. Apps or services which are in Efficiency mode will be marked with a small leaf icon, with suspended apps having a pause icon.

Currently, it’s only available to testers and will probably go through a few tweaks before it’s released in the stable build. Still, Efficiency Mode will doubtlessly prove a useful ability for Windows 11 users whose machines are running sluggishly thanks to an app that is dominating resource usage, as it makes it easy to tame such a process without having to entirely dump it.

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