July 4, 2022
Microsoft is Adding a Watermark to Unsupported Hardware Running Windows 11

Don’t Try to Run Windows 11 on Unsupported PCs because Microsoft won’t Allow It

Microsoft will place a watermark on machines that don’t contain the hardware to truly support running the Windows 11 OS software…

Microsoft generally slaps watermarks on unactivated or bootleg versions of Windows copies. But, the software giant will soon do the same for machines using workarounds to run version 11, beginning with Release Preview build 22000.588, according to a recent scoop by¬†The Verge. (It also applies to unsupported hardware.) Basically, any illegitimate way someone can think to circumvent the company’s requirements.

Microsoft is Adding a Watermark to Unsupported Hardware Running Windows 11

This move isn’t exactly out of the blue, either. Microsoft started testing the watermark in rough form back in February. Now, its inclusion in the Release Preview indicates Microsoft is ready to bring the alert to a completed software update in the near future. So, any setup that doesn’t have the right equipment will receive the unfavorable treatment and probably much sooner than later.

Windows 11 officially requires either an 8th-generation Intel Core CPU or an AMD chip based on a Zen+ or Zen 2 architecture. However, some people think this is just arbitrary, and used a Microsoft-sanctioned registry tweak to bypass a CPU check and install the OS without a rejection message. Still, Microsoft warns it might not provide updates, though the software will probably continue to run.

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