May 26, 2022
Microsoft is Adding an Automatic Password Saver to its Edge Browser

Microsoft Wants to Make Sure Edge Users don’t Get Locked Out of an Online Account Again

Microsoft continues to make improvements to its Edge browser, and soon, it will offer an automatic password saver for quick and easy access…

Microsoft is prepping an update for its Edge browser that will offer users improved password management facilities. In the not too distant future, Edge users will be able to effortlessly have their browser of choice save all their passwords automatically (something Google Chrome has long done), minimizing the possibility of lost internet account login credentials.

Microsoft is Adding an Automatic Password Saver to its Edge Browser

This isn’t entirely a new function. Last year in January, Microsoft added a password manager to its flagship browser to serve as an alternative to premium services such as LastPass and Dashlane — which cost around $40 per year. (And, require a separate account/app to access, making it less convenient than simply accessing the credentials right in the web browser.)

Microsoft Edge users will need to activate the feature manually because it won’t be enabled by default. Simply navigate to Settings > Passwords, and tap on the “Save passwords automatically” option. Also in January, Edge received another security update. That one shields against potent zero-day exploits, offering an additional layer of protection for its users.

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