August 9, 2022
Microsoft is Experimenting with a New Chrome Synchronization for Edge

Microsoft is Trying (Again) to Convince People to Switch from Chrome to Edge with this New Syncing Feature

Microsoft is working on a new feature for its Edge browser that allows users to sync everything from Chrome for a smooth transition from one to the other…

Ever since Microsoft reinvented its Edge browser, rebuilding it over the Google Chromium framework, the company has continually added new features to make it more enticing. However, some of these measures have fallen short to get people to switch over, so Microsoft began employing a number of tricks to convince people to switch over. Now, Microsoft is experimenting with a new option that will seamlessly sync all data from Chrome to Edge.

Microsoft is Experimenting with a New Chrome Synchronization for Edge

In the latest Canary build of the Edge browser, there’s a new tool labeled “Import browser data from Google Chrome on each launch.” The wording is self-explanatory enough. Basically, every time someone switches from Chrome over to Edge, all of their browsing data will follow. Once enabled, Edge will pull everything from Chrome, including history, cookies, passwords, bookmarks, and just about everything else.

Of course, this supposes that people will continue to jump from Chrome to Edge on a regular basis in order to make the feature worthwhile. And, it doesn’t go the other way, meaning it will not transfer from Edge to Chrome. So, it’s intended to make the switch from Edge to Chrome seamless.

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