May 22, 2022
Microsoft is Force Installing PC Health Check in the Latest Windows 10 Update

Microsoft is Coercing Windows 10 Owners to Upgrade to Windows 11 with its Most Recent Update

Microsoft is using a Windows 10 update to deploy Windows 11 PC Health Check, in a not-so-subtle way to get people to upgrade to the newest OS…

Microsoft has found a new way to speed up the migration to Windows 11 from Windows 10. The software giant is doing so by force installing a suitability checker with the most recent update being pushed out for Windows 10. The new KB5005463 update doesn’t mention PC Health Check in its title, but it is still showing up within the new iteration release, making it more difficult to stay with version 10.

Microsoft is Force Installing PC Health Check in the Latest Windows 10 Update

Microsoft of course, says it’s entirely possible to uninstall PC Health Check. People just need to go into the Windows Settings app. However, the process is more difficult than it sounds. This, due to the fact that it simply reappears subsequent Windows update is released. Obviously, a repetitive cycle ensues, and people are constantly reminded there’s a new operating system available — even if they don’t want to switch over.

While Windows 11 is available as a free download, Microsoft has set a baseline of hardware specifications that allows users to take advantage of all its features. These requirements also make it quite clear that not every machine will be able to run Windows 11.

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