September 15, 2022
Microsoft Makes it Much Harder to Switch Windows 11 Default Browsers

Microsoft Really Doesn’t Want Windows 11 Users to Switch Default Browsers Away from Edge

Microsoft has made a change to the latest version of Windows 11 that makes switching default browsers away from Edge much more difficult…

Microsoft is nearly ready to release a new iteration of its Windows 11 operating system. With it comes a change many users won’t appreciate. Though the software corporation is also making a number of positive improvements to the Windows 11 user interface, the default apps option is a step back. What’s more, it’s almost certain to anger browser competitors, like Google, Mozilla, and Opera.

Microsoft Makes it Much Harder to Switch Windows 11 Default Browsers

Microsoft is changing the way people set their default app choices. Much like Windows 10, a prompt appears once a new browser is installed and a web link is opened for the first time. Said prompt allows the user to set the default browser of their preference. Trouble is, this is the only opportunity to easily switch browsers from Edge to another. So, anyone who doesn’t deliberately select the “always use this app” option will be stuck with Edge as the default browser.

If someone forgets or doesn’t know to select the new default option, it’s a very confusing experience to set the preferred product. Unfortunately, the process for doing so is not nearly as simple as it was in Windows 10. Microsoft has a long track record of engaging in such practices which basically coerce Windows consumers to use Microsoft’s proprietary sre

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