November 5, 2022
Microsoft Math Solver app helps students with their homework

Microsoft just Built an App that can Do Math Homework for Students (for Real)

Microsoft now has an educational app that solves equations for students and also provides detailed, step-by-step explanations…

There’s plenty of help on the internet to solve math problems for students of all ages. Most applications of this kind are quite limited, though. Some however, are far more complex and wind up causing even more confusion then helping to explain the process.

Software giant Microsoft is out with its own math help center in the form of a mobile app. Appropriately called Math Solver, the mobile program not only shows answers to equations, it also provides details on how it calculates answers.

Microsoft Math Solver App Helps Students with their Homework

The new Microsoft Math Solver app nicely performs mathematical functions and shows how to go about solving problems.

Students can snap a photo of an equation, type it directly into the app, or even hand draw an equation on the screen. The mobile software program then analyzes the equation, and solves it. Should the application be unable to recognize and/or solve the problem, it automatically redirects to the Bing search engine to find answers.

Of course, students should not rely on this to do their math homework for them, but rather use it as a learning tool.

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