September 20, 2022
Microsoft Office 365 reply all automatic block

Microsoft is Putting an End to Those Super-Annoying ‘Reply All’ Email Message Deluges

Microsoft is launching a new feature that will stop unnecessary ‘reply all’ threads from barraging recipients with an automated tool…

Perhaps one of the most annoying aspects of working in a medium to large sized organization is getting incessantly hit with ‘reply all’ email storms. It’s counter-productive and at the very least, confusing on a number of levels. Now, Microsoft has come up with what it believes to be a solution. 

Microsoft Office 365 Automatic ‘Reply All’ Blocking Tool Rolling Out

The iconic software corporation is introducing a new automated tool that will protect users from unwanted messages, according to ZDNet. At first, it will only work in systems that have large numbers of people. Specifically, it will block replies when there are 10 “reply all” messages that are dispatched to more than 5,000 people within an hour’s time.

If this occurs, the system will halt subsequent replies for a four hour period of time. What’s more, it will send out some type of warning or at least a polite reminder, not to add to the already voluminous message exchanges.

Microsoft says that it will have to monitor its real-world effectiveness and make any necessary tweaks to scale it down for smaller organizations. So, it won’t be available right away but will tentatively make its way out to all businesses using the program.

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