September 16, 2022
Microsoft April Fools Day jokes

Microsoft Finally Puts an End to Its Awful April Fools’ Day Jokes

It’s official, Microsoft April Fools Day jokes are over, as the company puts an end to the practice, due to the possibility of backlash…

Who looks forward to all those lame gags tech companies play every year on the first of April? Of course, these individuals are few and far between. And, it appears Microsoft isn’t going to take part this year.

Microsoft Officially Ends April Fools’ Day Jokes

According to a report by The Verge, marketing chief Chris Capossela told employees to forego any April Fools Day pranks in an internal memo.

Capossela is backed by statistical data. Such humorous attempts only create “limited positive impact” but can also result in “unwanted news cycles.” In other words, such jokes can easily backfire.

One such example is the infamous Google April Fools’ Day prank, the Mic Drop in Gmail. (That particular gag backfired big time with users, especially among paying G Suite customers.)

To be fair, it’s a very difficult feat to pull off. Companies risk confusing the public and customers alike and gain little to nothing in return. At the very most, these might be a source for a small chuckle, but little else.

Microsoft joins Apple, which was actually born on April 1st, and has not and does not participate. 

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