September 17, 2022
Microsoft Outlook iOS UI

Microsoft Revamps its Outlook App for iOS, giving the Users a Whole New Experience

The new Microsoft Outlook iOS UI brings a completely different look and feel, with plenty of pleasant changes in-store for users…

Software giant Microsoft has incrementally rolled out changes to Office since this past summer, after it announced plans for a huge makeover. Since that time, there’s been updated icons and web experience makeover. Now, Outlook for iOS is receiving some changes, as well.

Microsoft Outlook iOS User Interface Makeover Changes coming Soon

The updates are much like what’s already made its way out to the public. It features a bolder typography with vibrant colors. These alone make it easier to find what users are looking for quickly.

The new Outlook for iOS is also dynamic, as it shrinks headers and lists, expanding when scrolling. Plus, the calendar icon moves forward and backward during scrolls through agendas.

Even better than the aesthetics are the new functions. For instance, it immediately identifies potential conflicts in meetings. It also allows users to schedule events without having to type as it surfaces all people, dates, and other elements. Moreover, there are new account icon cues to switch between multiple profiles.

All-in-all, these are big changes which bring with it a new look and a whole lot more productivity.

Microsoft Outlook iOS UI screenshot
Credit: Microsoft

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