November 6, 2022
Microsoft Outlook on Android Adds Play My Emails Feature

Microsoft Brings ‘Play My Emails’ Feature to its Outlook App for Android

Microsoft integrates its Outlook Play My Emails option into its Android mobile app that works over Bluetooth, with the help of Cortana…

Earlier this year, Microsoft brought Outlook’s Play My Emails tool to iOS. Now, the software company has added the ability to its Android app. It’s a useful feature, particularly when listening is more preferable to reading. But, it does require at least a couple of elements for it to work.

Microsoft Outlook on Android Adds ‘Play My Emails’ Feature

Microsoft Outlook’s Play My Emails does precisely what it says — reads messages aloud. However, to use it, Outlook users will need the Android (or iOS mobile app), and either a Bluetooth speaker, or headphone or earbuds. It’s powered by Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, which reads back message content, sender details, as well as the date and time received.

Microsoft writes on its official Tech Community blog:

“Now rolling out for Android: Catch up what’s new in your inbox and changes to your day with Play My Emails in Outlook —Triaging your inbox can take time in your day so it’s great when you can listen and respond to your email while you’re busy doing other things. Let Cortana read out your new email messages so you can listen hands-free, stay connected, and quickly learn if someone has made a change to your calendar.”

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