September 21, 2021
Microsoft Progressive Web Apps

Microsoft just Stole this Web Tech from Google and It Looks Amazing

Microsoft Progressive Web Apps come to the Windows 10 Edge browser, taking a cue from a fairly new Google programming initiative…

Android users already encounter a relatively new technology called Progressive Web Apps or PWAs. Basically, these look and perform like native mobile apps. They are lightweight, fast, and boast a few awesome features. Now, it appears Microsoft is getting in the game Google started.

Microsoft Progressive Web Apps on Windows 10 Edge Rolls Out

The software giant is bringing PWAs to Windows 10 in an updated version of the Edge browser. (No, these aren’t Universal Windows Platform apps, which are simply repackaged websites). Additionally, the company will add Progressive Web Apps to the Microsoft Store. Furthermore, it will let developers submit their own PWAs.

For those unfamiliar, PWAs or Progressive Web Apps, combine new web technologies to produce improved website performance. PWAs work offline or with intermittent connections. And, users do not download them. Instead, PWAs only require a homescreen shortcut to access on mobile devices. In other words, they work like regular apps but there are no download or update hassles. For example, Twitter partnered with Google to create a PWA of its microblog.

PWAs don’t support OS-code but they do promise a whole lot. At this time, Progressive Web Apps are basically websites, sporting improved caching, notifications, and better background functionality. To try it out, simply use Chrome desktop or fire-up Apple’s WebKit engine. Presently, Safari is working on supporting PWAs, not to be left behind.

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