January 13, 2022
Microsoft pulls Windows 10 update KB4559309 that supposedly slowed down PCs

Microsoft Reluctantly Pulled its Windows 10 Update that’s been Slowing Down PCs

Microsoft is no longer pushing out a Windows 10 update thought to be the cause of slowing down users computers substantially…

Less than two months after its release, Microsoft is abandoning Windows 10 update KB4559309. This, after the problematic upgrade was blamed for slowing down machines. Said update was intended to replace the legacy Edge internet portal with the new and improved Chromium-powered Edge browser. But, it wound up causing PCs to perform poorly, while also causing Windows 10 boot up to lag.

Microsoft Pulls Windows 10 Update KB4559309 that Slowed Down PCs

The Windows 10 KB4559309 did more than slow down performance of the browser and the operating system. Because it was an automatic update, users couldn’t stop it from downloading and installing. So, people began and continued to complain. After enough angry feedback, Microsoft killed of the issue-plagued update and replaced it with another, KB4576754. Thus far, its successor seems like it’s working just fine.

Although Microsoft still controls the vast majority of the PC software market, it’s been struggling to gain more browser market share. There, Google takes the top spot with approximately 69.13 percent of the market. Meanwhile, Firefox comes in a very distant second, with 7.72 percent. Presently, Edge only holds 7.23 percent and Internet Explorer (also by Microsoft) comes in fourth with 5.55 percent. Apple’s Safari rounds out the top five with 3.69 percent.

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