January 25, 2022
Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft Puts Even more Space between Cortana and Windows

Microsoft continues to experiment with its virtual assistant, Cortana, now offering it as a standalone app in the Windows Store…

It looks as though Microsoft is distancing or making another strategic move for its digital assistant, Cortana. In the latest move, the software giant has placed Cortana in the Windows Store as a standalone app.

Microsoft Puts Even more Space between Cortana and Windows

Microsoft might well be ready to make Cortana completely separate from Windows. With this, developers have more freedom to work on the virtual assistant alone. And, Cortana being separate as a standalone app means more flexibility for end-users, as well.

Microsoft has already split the assistant from search in Windows 10, explaining it did so to “enable each experience to innovate independently to best serve their target audiences and use cases.”

Additionally, the company has put more effort into improving its speech to make it sound more natural.

Microsoft originally released Cortana in April of 2014 and it’s since made its way out to iOS, thermostats, along with smart speakers. But, it continues to lag far behind its rivals, particularly Google and Amazon.

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